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"Imagine your home being tidy all the time.

Everything has its place and you only have objects around you that bring you joy and are useful."


My name is Ivo Zimmermann. I live in Zurich and I love supporting other people to tidy up and beautify their homes in a sustainable way.



For whom is the Tidying Up Coaching suitable?

  • You are not satisfied with the order in your home... More... >>

What are the benefits of tidying up your home in the right way:

  • You experience a higher quality of life due to your orderly and tidy home. More >>

Why take the help of Tidying Up Coach?

  • As a Tidying Up Coach I am like a fitness trainer. I help you to implement your goals without you having to learn everything in this specific field yourself. More >>

What is the process?

  • Learn more about the whole process: from the first meeting to the finishing. More >>

Example of one of my recent Tidying Up Coachings

This is the vision my client developed before we started to tidy up:

"After the Tidying Up, I would like to have the following qualities in my apartment":

  • light and full of light

  • blissful

  • beautiful

  • cozy and relaxing

  • inspiring

  • the energies can flow freely

Photogalleries (please click) - with the kind permission of my client

Are you interested in a tidying up coaching? Or do you have any questions?
Contact me - no obligations

Ivo Zimmermann

079 388 43 57

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